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This web site will give you an opportunity to learn about us and our activities. We would be happy to discuss our chapter with you if you send an e-mail to MAJ Jerry Magliano, USMC (ret) , Chapter President at There is a wealth of information accessible on this web site including our monthly meeting schedule, a link to current and past monthly newsletters and, most importantly, how to join. MOAA National has stated many times over that its strength when lobbying Congress to protect our benefits is derived primarily from membership in local Chapters around the country.

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Scholarships Program

Our scholarship program was developed to give local JrROTC programs a tool to entice students into JrROTC where they would be introduced to JrROTC and the military. Hopefully after their JrROTC experience, they would continue their education in ROTC, a military academy or join the military.

You have seen from our newsletters that the numbers of these students who go to ROTC and the Service Academies this program has been successful. One this year’s winners, Travis Riley visited during our August luncheon.

To ensure we select the correct students, we have weighted the score sheet we use to determine winners in favor of the students who are in leadership in JrROTC and have a good academic record. We do this to try to ensure your donations aren’t wasted on a student that drops out or doesn’t attend college. We also have the student’s scholarship account set up with each college so that we receive any unspent funds from the college if the student drops out before they complete their first year. So far, we haven’t received a refund except for a student decided to go to a service academy vs college. .

We would like to thank our scholarship committee for their diligent work in choosing our scholarship winners from this year's highly qualified applicants and our members for their continued financial support. Most of the students took college classes while in High School, were highly involved in school, Jr ROTC and volunteer activities. They are invited to one of our meetings to tell us a little about themselves and their goals.

We are especially thankful to the members of our chapter who through their generousity make this program possible.

2018 MOAA HOAC Scholarship Recipients

Victor Christianson, Major (Retired) USAF
MOAA – HOA Scholarship Chairman

Links to the state Veterans Commissions and other important links can be found here.

2019 Heart of America Chapter Officers

President MAJ Jerry Magliano
1st Vice President LTC Grant Montgomery
2nd Vice President COL Mike Neer
Recording Secy COL Bud Frye
Membership Secy MAJ Keith Pechak
Treasurer MAJ Vic Christianson
Past President
COL G. Bruce Eveland


Position OFFICER  
Co-Chaplain Insoon Hoagland
Mary Ellen Davis

Standing Committee Chair(s)

Finance COL Garey Reeves
Legislative Committee Chair MAJ Bill Tudor
Newsletter LTC Les Hobbs
Historian LTC Jack Angolia
Scholarship MAJ Vic Christianson
Program CPT Don Dawson

2019 Heart of America Auxiliary Officers

President Diane Chritianson
1st Vice President Susan Eveland
Secretary Madelon Kadic
Treasurer Terrie Jo Fox


27 APR 2019  
Luncheon Meeting Small Hall
18 MAY (3rd SAT)  
Luncheon Meeting  
22 JUN 2019  
Chapter Picnic  
24 AUG 2019  
Executive Council Meeting 10:30am
Luncheon Meeting
28 SEP 2019  
Luncheon Meeting  
19 OCT (3rd SAT)  
Executive Council Meeting 10:30am
Luncheon Meeting
16 NOV (3rd SAT)  
Executive Council Meeting 10:30am
Luncheon Meeting
07 DEC 2019  
Holiday Party